Ned - Bringing Sexy Back

Ned Leithead was the cast member on episode 1 of Bringing Sexy Back, Channel 7's hit new reality TV series for spring 2014.

Ned, the loveable truck driver from Halls Gap in regional Victoria, wants to get back to his sexy self & propose to the love of his life, Becky.

After gaining a staggering 70kgs in just 2 years, Ned lost his dream job because he was too overweight & he hit rock bottom.

Ned bringing sexy back seven cast member

Will Ned turn his life around, or will his dreams go up in smoke when bush fires threaten his home?




What Fitness Equipment Did Ned Use on "Bringing Sexy Back"?

Personal Trainer Cameron Byrnes recommended a rowing machine and weight sled for Ned, so Ned could both lose weight and regain muscle tone (rowing machines are a particularly great way to achieve both these aims).

Click these links to see the particular equipment used by Cameron and Ned in this episode...

Horizon Oxford Rowing Machine (and brother product Matrix Rower)

BodyWorx Weight Sled (in the end, they didnt feature this on the show)

Boxing Gear (Cam's fitness equipment included boxing gloves, focus pads, etc. which we supplied)

..and this is not the machine in their van, but similarly useful - Body Composition Scales


What are the benefits of Rowing Machine Exercise?

For those interested to learn more about rowing machines, and to actually see the machine used by Ned Leithead compared against a different machine, check out our YouTube video below...



* is the Official Supplier of fitness equipment to Channel 7 show Bringing Sexy Back for the 2014 series. The information is supplied in good faith at the time the episode airs each week. Over time, suppliers make minor changes to fitness equipment - including small functional changes and cosmetic changes - so the equipment used by contestants on Bringing Sexy Back may appear slightly different to that shown above by the time you visit.