Paula - Bringing Sexy Back

Paula Beckton, from the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, is a former swim suit model and Mother of 4, and has spent too much time caring for her Brady Bunch family and too little on herself.

Gaining over 20 kgs in a couple of years has had a huge effect on Paula’s relationship and lifestyle. Her husband Mark, who has never seen his wife naked, craves intimacy in their relationship and the kids crave a more active lifestyle with their Mum.

Will Paula lose the extra weight and gain the confidence to get back into a bikini, in time for her big reveal?

Paula brings sexy back 7

See if the swimsuit fits again in this epidode!

Starting weight: 101kg, Finish: 75kg


What Fitness Equipment Did Paula Use on "Bringing Sexy Back"?

Cameron Byrnes, Paula's personal trainer on Bringing Sexy Back, prescribed cardio workouts for Paula to lose weight.

Click these links to see the particular equipment used by Cameron, Samantha Armytage, and Paula in this episode...

BodyWorx Elliptical Trainer as used by Paula on Bringing Sexy Back Weight Sled as used by Paula on Bringing Sexy Back  FitBit Activity Monitor as used by Paula on Bringing Sexy Back Body Fat Scales as used by Paula on Bringing Sexy BackRowing Machine similar to that used by Paula on Bringing Sexy Back



Need Help Choosing?

For those interested to mirror the success of Paula on Bringing Sexy Back, but not sure which equipment might suit best, check out our YouTube videos below...


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