AfterPay Fitness Equipment in Australia

We are now offering AfterPay at Fitonline. Use it during checkout.

Afterpay Fitness Equipment


*** Special Note about Refunds on AfterPay

AfterPay charges a 5% transaction fee to process all transactions. So for example, if you buy something for $100, they only deposit $95 into our account. That's how they make money to cover their own expenses. If you ask for a refund because of "change of mind" (for example, you decide to cancel the order before you receive it, or you return goods under the Money Back Guarantee) you will only receive the $95 back. This is not a Fitonline fee - it is an AfterPay fee. The 5% is kept by AfterPay and we are simply refunding you the amount we received from them in the first place. We actually think this is pretty rough - especially if you asked to cancel the order only minutes after you placed it and there has been no dispatch. If you agree, we would love it if you would tell them! They are the ones keeping the 5% even for transactions that don't go through.