We ship quickly and cost-effectively throughout Australia, using Toll IPEC, StarTrack, Australia Post, and occasionally other couriers (depending on which item you buy and where you live).

Items come well protected in their original packaging, with manuals, warranty cards, etc. They sometimes need assembly, but this is pretty simple.

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 How long does delivery take?

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The current national issues with extreme weather, staff shortages, and ongoing COVID workplace restrictions are likely to result in slower delivery than you might have expexted in the past. These issues are facing all businesses that ship large and heavy items in Australia, so thanks for your patience and understanding.


Where do items ship from?

We ship directly to you from warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Ballina (which warehouse depends both on where you live and where we currently have stock).

Sorry, there is no store pickup option for online sales, and we do not ship overseas.

All of our items are authentic Australian stock, and come with the authentic Australian warranty.


How long will it take?

The short answer? In normal times delivery takes 2-5 working days (from time of placing the order). However, considering the factors mentioned in the bright yellow box above, delivery times are varying wildly. Items can take 2 days or 2 weeks, depending on the courier's network. Unfortunately, retailers like Fitonline have limited control over this.

The longer answer? Since we sell such a variety of items, it depends on a number of factors, and you can roughly work this out yourself.

  1. "Payment Time" : If you pay instantly (credit card, or PayPal) then thankyou, there's no payment delay for you, but payment by bank transfer or telephone will slow the process down.
  2. "Size of item" : Small items which we can send in a satchel usually get dispatched within 24 hours, and then delivered to your door within 2 days after that. But large items take longer, firstly because they take a couple more days to get out the door (due to warehousing constraints) and a couple more days to get delivered to you (since large items take specialised handling and trucks which don't go as often). In short - please don't let your experience of ordering a book online guide you on how long it will take to get a large, heavy item delivered.
  3. "Where you are" : The further you are from a Capital City, the longer it will take the courier to get to you. This courier transit ranges from 1-2 days for Capitals to 4-5 days for distant regional areas.
  4. "Which warehouse" : Even if you live in (say) Brisbane, it might take a couple of extra days if we dispatch from (say) Melbourne. You won't pay any more for this, of course, but it will add a day or two.
  5. "External factors" : On top of all this, unusual circumstances (such as holiday periods, carrier disputes, flooding, etc.) can slow this down further. We can't control this, of course.
  6. "Weekends" : Whenever we say "days" here, we mean "working days". Our processing office, warehouses, and couriers do not work on weekends and public holidays. We only have sales staff on duty.

How long it takes = Payment time + office processing and stock verification + Warehouse dispatch time + courier time + non-work days

If there is a longer-than-normal delay for your order, we will notify you and let you know why.


When will the courier deliver?

We use couriers who deliver Monday to Friday during business hours (ie. not on weekends or after hours). As they decide their route each morning depending on demand, we can't advise timing in advance, sorry. Please read "a few tips" below if you think this will be an issue.

Please advise any special requests (eg. confusing address) in your order.

Do you want delivery on a specific day or time? 


"When Items Dispatch..."

You will receive a second email (with tracking details) when your items ship, so if you've received this dispatch email, please contact the courier directly to find out when they will be delivering to you or discuss delivery issues. We have less information than the courier does, so going direct will save you time!

Couriers deliver Monday-Friday, and contact details are in the email sent to you on dispatch.

Please note that, even if you asked for the courier to call you before delivery, couriers are often forbidden from using phones on their route, so there is a very good chance that they will not call. Please don't be offended or think they ignored you - it's apparently an OH&S thing!

Having trouble with your delivery right now? - Click Here



A few tips !

Ensure someone is home to help couriers unload heavy items like treadmills. There is usually only 1 person - the driver.

Couriers will not (and cannot) carry heavy items up stairs or inside your house/unit. If you have many stairs, or the item needs to be moved around inside your house/complex, you will need to make your own arrangements for this. Couriers deliver to a ground-level door (this is not our policy, but the courier's!).

Think about this in advance if the item is heavy, and line-up a helpful neighbour, or a local handy-man to help if you need to.

If no-one can be home to sign for delivery (eg. you're away at work Mon-Fri), please make alternative arrangements directly with the courier company, such as;

  • ask a family member or friend to be there to accept delivery,
  • get it delivered to a neighbour, who is home, then collect it from them after hours
  • get delivery delayed until a day when you can be home,
  • get it redirected to your work address or a friend’s work address
  • provide a “permission to leave” – this is written permission for the courier to leave it in a safe location (eg. on the side veranda, or in the car-port) without a signature.

Please click here if you hear your boxes are "lost" or your are receiving a "split delivery".

 Of course, you can always email us with any further questions you have about freight, or are you having trouble with your delivery right now?