Australia Post Tracking FAQ

When you log on to to find out where your item is, you're likely to get confusing information, so we've written this FAQ to clarify.

On the day we post your package, we load your details (and the package details) into the Australia Post system, and as a result, when you track it online you will get a status of "initiated".

We then load this into our system (or eBay) and actually post it, so you will get a dispatch email from us. This means we have posted the item and it's in the hands of Aus Post (as from the day you got the email).

Frequently, for reasons only know to Australia Post, they will then not update that status all the way through until it is delivered to you. So days later you may log on and think we haven't sent it, or that Australia Post has lost it, but this is not the case.

Please rest assured that Australia Post is getting the item to you in its typical bureaucratic way, but it's just not keeping you as well updated as a private (but more expensive) courier would do.

Please feel free to contact Australia Post directly on 137 678 to find out if they have more details.


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