Do You Have Stock?

We often get asked "do you have stock of product X?". Short answer: look for a blue box: if there's a blue box under a product, we have stock now, or are getting more in soon.

Is an item in stock now?

As you are browsing products on our website, you can tell if an item is in stock by looking at the blue box under each product, like this ("add to cart" means we have stock now, and "pre-order" means it's out of stock for now, but coming back in)...

Is it in stock

In other words, if you cannot see a blue button, we do not have stock, and you can't currently place an order.

When is more stock coming?

When you're on a Product Page (the page showing all the specs of a particular model), look just above the price. If an item is not in stock, we will show something like this...

When is more stock coming

A couple important caveats though...

  1. "approx" stands for "approximately". It's an "Estimated Time of Arrival" and the word "estimated" has never been more relevant! The world is in chaos, and international shipping is subject to a significantly changed landscape, so please understand there is quite some variability in this. This is not us misleading you - it is us doing our best to give you a rough guide, which is subject to lots of external factors.
  2. Our website stock levels do lag a few hours behind the store, so in a small number of cases we might have to contact you to advise that the item you just purchased has recently sold out, in which case we will advise alternatives or offer a full refund.

Otherwise, on our product pages;

  • If there is a price and no date shown, then we have stock now.
  • If there is no price at all, then we have no stock and no details of when more will come.

Thanks for your understanding in these difficult times. We're doing our best to keep you updated and keep our staff in jobs...