Elliptical Cross-trainer Buyers Guide 2024

Elliptical Trainer Buyer's Guide 2024

Elliptical trainers, also called cross-trainers, are increasingly popular due to their presence in gyms in Australia and recommendations by Physios and Personal Trainers.

They provide a full-body workout (so they tone muscle, as well as increase cardiovascular fitness).

But which one is best? And what is all that fitness industry jargon you hear like "flywheel" and "stride length"?

Rather than bore you with more text, we've assembled some of the most popular elliptical trainers in the Australian market in our own store and created a couple of videos to cover the most common questions we've had from buyers.

Let's explain the jargon. What are the key features of all elliptical trainers, and which attributes will be most important for you in setting up your home gym? Again, please listen for commentary...


We hope that helps. And don't forget, if you're browsing our range of ellipticals and are finding it a bit hard to remember the features from one trainer to the next, you can compare ellipticals side-by-side on one screen.

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