Fitness Equipment Layby

Do we do layby?

Well, the answer is "yes, and no".

There is no official payment-method during checkout called "layby", like you have at a traditional retail store.

However, since the purpose of a layby is to lock in a specific product at a specific price, and know that it is set aside to collect once you have paid it off, then yes, you can do this at fitonline! Here's how...

  1. Place an order for the product through our shopping cart, but...
  2. enter "this is a layby, I will pay off over X weeks" in the product notes, and...
  3. select "bank transfer" as the method of payment. This will give you our bank account number and ask you to transfer the funds into our account.
  4. In effect, this locks in the product and the price, and you can then make a number of payments into our bank account (through your internet banking) until it is paid off.
  5. Once you have made the final payment, we will finalise the order and dispatch the product to you.


A few important points to note though...

  1. There is no section of our website to see where you are up to with payments. Our accountant will keep track of this internally, but you should keep notes of this so you know what your balance is.
  2. Payments should be made at least once a fortnight to keep the order alive. There is no set amount, but something should be paid at least each 2 weeks.
  3. No layby should last longer than 3 months.


Just to be clear, fitonline is not providing finance of any kind. We are simply holding the product aside for you while you make payment over 3 months to suit your cash-flow.

We hope that helps!