Fitonline Coupon Codes

At Fitonline, we sometimes offer Coupon Codes. (Some sites call these "discount codes" or "promotion codes")

Are you searching for a Fitonline Coupon Code now?

Sorry, we do not have any permanent coupon codes at Fitonline Australia. Coupons are offered very infrequently for specific promotions or in case of honouring a deal for a specific customer. Sadly, if you don't currently have a coupon code, you won't find a valid one anywhere on the web.

Wondering how to use your current coupon code?

If you do have a coupon code, you enter it in the shopping cart (just below the red "calculate shipping" button). You will see text "add coupon" that looks like this...

How to add a coupon code

If your coupon entitles you to free freight, then the freight charge you just saw (on the previous screen) will be removed when you enter the coupon code.

Either way, your coupon will be applied prior to you going to the payment screen.

Do you want a coupon code yourself?

Sorry - see the first answer. These are pretty rare, since Fitonline's prices are already heavily discounted, and our freight rates are normally well below market rates.

In other words, you've already got the best deal going!