Free Delivery Offer Details

Some products on FitOnline have "free delivery" offered (usually for a limited time), however, because Australia is such a vast continent, we are unable to offer completely free delivery to all areas.


"But you said it's free delivery, so isn't it free for everyone?"

Importantly, every product for which there is a "free delivery" offer has words directly underneath on the product page like the following;

* Free Delivery offer limited to QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, Adelaide, and Perth. A reduced delivery fee will apply to orders from elsewhere (country WA, SA, TAS, NT, and Cape York), and we will let you know how much this is before processing your order.

We do this so that it's completely clear up-front that there are some exceptions.


"If I enter my post-code and it comes up as free, why is it not?"

Unfortunately, the eCommerce solution that we use is unable to differentiate the free-delivery offer based on location. So no matter what shipping destination you list, the system will calculate your freight cost as $0 for one of these products. For the vast majority of Australians, that is correct. The order will proceed immediately.

However, for customers in regional areas a long way from our warehouses, a small delivery fee will need to be applied, and that's why we use those words above.

Now we did offer a freight deal, and we don't want these customers to feel unloved, so what will happen next is that our staff will calculate the actual cost of sending the item to you (not some inflated cost - just the real cost that we pay the courier) and will email you with a concessional freight charge. This means we will bear as much of the cost as we can, and you just have to pay the difference.


"What if I don't want to pay the freight charge?"

As mentioned in the words on each product page, "we will let you know how much this is before processing your order". If you are not happy with the reduced freight cost, we will happily cancel the order and supply a full refund if your card was already charged. Every order at FitOnline is manually reviewed before being processed, so you will never be subjected to a charge without your approval.



Please understand that free delivery only ever applies to continental Australia. All Islands (whether or not they technically fall within a State or Territory listed as being "free delivery") are sadly considered "elsewhere" - this is not because we are mean, but because courier companies charge an awful lot of money to freight items to most of these islands and we simply cannot offer to absorb these charges. As above, if you are unhappy with the subsidised freight charge we are able to offer, we will be happy to immediately refund your order in full.