Maintain Fitness for Health and Wellbeing

fe-good.png Exercise because it's good for you.

fe-good.png Live longer and stay healthier.


Say "yes" when someone asks you to hit a tennis ball with them, or the office calls for people to play in a corporate sports day.

fe-good.png Climb that mountain on your next holiday.

There are so many reasons to exercise just for general health & wellbeing, and many of us (author included) stay fit for just this reason.

But which equipment is best for this?

Running and walking is what we know. We've grown up with it, and our bodies are made for it. For generations, we've been "jogging for fitness", and the advice is as sound today as it was when your grandfather did it.

Treadmills contain cushioning systems in the base, to minimise shock, and can range from a slow walk right up to a sprint (for "interval training").

Add the cool heart-rate-control function to this, and you've got the most popular form of healthy exercise on the planet.

What's more, you can run any time of day and night, in any weather conditions, in the comfort of your own home while watching TV.

There's no better all-body workout. After a good session on a rowing machines, every inch of your body will be burning, leading to an excellent combination of cardio-vascular exercise (and hence a healthy heart) and muscle toning.

Low impact, rowing machines ensure you dont develop a new injury just at a time you're trying to prevent one.

Rowing machines can also be used for upper body exercises such as arm-curls, by standing beside the front and (for example) lifting the handle upwards instead of out along the rail.

Bikes are very familiar to us. Road bikes represent the fastest growing form of middle-aged exercise in the world at the moment, so it's no surprise in-door exercise bikes are also a hugely popular form of exercise.

Very low impact, these machines allow you to maintain a high heart-rate without hurting joints.

They're also nicely stable, allowing you to watch TV or read the newspaper or your iPad while you exercise.

They also contain important console functions such as heart-rate-control which can ensure the optimum outcome from your hard-fought exercise time.

We use the speedo in our car for speed, the watch on our wrist for the time, and a thermometer for the temperature. So why do we set about getting healthy without measuring what we're working towards?

Yes, we all grew up weighing ourselves on the scales, but in this modern era, we have the tools at our disposal to track weight, body-fat, hydration, bone mass, and so many more parameters with just the push of a button.

If you're serious about keeping fit and staying healthy, you need one of these in your bathroom.

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