Muscle-Toning Fitness Equipment

A toned body doesn't mean big muscles!

It means a great body for the beach in summer. It means reducing flab on arms and dimples on legs. It's that "sporty look" that makes you feel confident and happy.

There's no doubt that toned muscles can't be seen under a layer of fat, so weight control is critical, but after that, toning up your muscles is best done with the equipment listed below;

Toning Fitness Equipment
 Elliptical Cross Trainers  Elliptical Trainers

positivesWhole-of-body workout. Work the arms to tone up back and arm muscles. Engage the legs to tone legs, butt, and abs.

positivesCan rest arms while continuing legs during workout.

positives"Heart-rate control" feature optimises weight loss while also toning.

negatives"Strange" motion which takes a little getting used to.

Rowing machines for cardio

 Rowing Machines

positivesWhole-of-body workout. Great for toning arms, shoulders, butt, and thighs.

positivesEasy on joints.

positivesGreat for stomach muscles - each stroke is like a situp.

negativesCan't rest upper body during workout.

 Power Cage for Toning

Cross-Fit Equipment

positivesThe latest "craze".

positivesBroad-range of exercises.

positivesTarget the muscles to tone.

negativesBulky (takes up a lot of space)

negativesContains many separate pieces, which can get lost/broken/borrowed.

 Muscle Toning Accessories

 Toning Accessories

positivesLow price

positivesCompact (carry with you as you travel!)

positivesLow impact.


negativesNo electronic feedback or motor controls.

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