Order Status Definitions

"Where’s my order up to?"

You can track the status of your order by clicking "order status" at the very bottom of every FitOnline page (or you might see an "Account" link at the top of the page).

There are a number of "status" messages, explained below;

Awaiting  Fulfillment Your order has been received and we now need to get onto it. Our processing team works Mon-Fri AEST. Don't be concerned if your order sits in "Awaiting  Fulfillment" for a day or so - there's a bit of paperwork to go with each order, so this is quite normal. 
Payment Received Same as above - except you chose a form of payment that required manual updating.
Awaiting Payment You have chosen to pay by phone or bank transfer. Payment details will have been included in your order confirmation email. Although you may have already made your payment, we have to wait until the funds are visible in our bank account before this status is updated. For whatever reason, Australian banks don't always process quickly, so please understand it can take a couple of days through no fault of yours or ours!
Pending You have ordered something that is not currently in our warehouse, so it is pending arrival before we can dispatch. Your order confirmation email probably included an approximate date when stock was due back in, but if not, your stock is probably just being transferred across from another warehouse or store before we dispatch it, which can create a short delay. If you'd like an update, the best thing to do is reply to your order confirmation email.
Awaiting Shipment We have processed our paperwork and sent the request to our Warehouse Supervisor to dispatch it. For large items like exercise bikes and treadmills, this is not as simple as grabbing it and handing it to a courier - strict OH&S regulations as well as practical considerations mean this can take a couple of working days. This is perfectly normal in our industry, so please don't be concerned if your order stays as "awaiting shipment" for a little while.
Partially Shipped You have ordered more than one item - we have dispatched part of your order, but another part is yet to go. This normally means we are sending the items from different warehouses or stores. Please refer back to your emails, as we will have identified which items have been shipped there.
Shipped We update your order to "shipped" as soon as we generate the "consignment note" (shipping paperwork) and it can be tracked in the courier's system. This means your status will be "shipped" while it is still sitting on our loading dock waiting to be collected. It can take a couple of days sometimes for couriers to collect large or heavy items - as noted above, this is perfectly normal in our industry due to OH&S regulations and truck capacity issues. Once the item has been collected, you will be able to track it via the courier link we emailed to you.
Manual Verification Reqd This status means we are undertaking some quick checks on your order (or the stock) before we progress the order. If there are any issues, we will have emailed you, so please keep an eye on your emails.