"Is yours the latest Sole model"?

Sole Fitness is one of the world's leading fitness equipment brands, based in the USA, and we often get asked "is yours the latest Sole model?", or "why do I see different specifications for that model on another website?". There are two parts to the answer.

1. They Keep the Name - Year after Year

As you’d know, the Toyota Corolla is always called the “Corolla”, even though they change it up every couple of years. The shape changes a bit, the technology updates a bit – a few minor changes occur, even though it remains roughly the same car doing a similar thing for the same consumer.

That’s how Sole works. They tweak the models each year or two, but keep the same name (most other fitness companies change the name when they change the model). Because of this, you find lazy or defunct businesses with old information on their sites, which confuses many, many customers. It's quite possible that the "other website" which you're looking at has the old information.

2. They release much later in Australia

Sole also delays the overseas release of their machines – for example, last year they released the new model of their F60 treadmill in February in the USA (where they are based) but not until July in Australia. This means the "latest" model in the USA shows slightly different specs to the latest model here, but please rest assured, at Fitonline, we have the very latest model available in Australia, and all the stats on our website are correct for the current model.

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