Genuine Warranties. National Coverage. Authorised Retailer.

Every item sold at FitOnline automatically comes with the full, official Product Warranty from the Australian Manufacturer/Distributor, so you can take comfort that buying online gives you full Australian warranty coverage, the same as if you picked up your product from a local store yourself.

You actually have 2 levels of coverage;

  • A Consumer Guarantee is provided under Australian Consumer Law by FitOnline, a business that's 100% Australian and that's been in business for over 20 years.
  • The Official Product Warranty provided by the brand.
    Just as you get a warranty from Sony when you buy a Sony TV, or from Apple when you buy a new iPhone, each item at FitOnline carries a Product Warranty from the company that made it. Since we only stock trusted brands, backed by credible national fitness suppliers, this Product Warranty means there's a central office with trained staff and racks of spare parts to stand behind your purchase should something go wrong. (The same can't be said for many products listed for sale on Online Auction Sites or Discount Stores, which might explain why they appear so cheap!)

Product Warranties vary for each product, and full details are contained in product packaging, but the key points are displayed on each product page on this site under the heading "Warranty Information" (half-way down each page). Most products come with a "residential" warranty and do not cover use in a commercial environment.

Contact us via email (please specify the product) if you would like more information about a product's warranty, but full details are available from the warrantors themselves.

  • "Return to Base": Some manufacturer's warranties are "return to base", so you should try hard to resolve the issue over the phone with the manufacturer's technicians first. You would be surprised how many issues can be resolved with a screw-driver in one hand and a telephone in the other! However, in the event that the product needs to go back to the manufacturer, you will need to arrange this (the manufacturers have bases in most Capital Cities).
  • "In Home": Other manufacturers have a roving network of warranty repairers. They too will try to resolve the problem on the phone or by sending you out parts, but if this doesn't work, they will arrange a repairer to either visit your home/work-place (except in distant regional areas), or attend to the warranty repair at a nearby location.

Again, all warranty details are included in paperwork with the product. Not only do they vary between manufacturers, but they vary between products, and they are often very detailed, so if you need more information than we can provide, you may need to contact the manufacturer directly.

2024 UPDATE: Please note that ongoing issues facing the Australian economy, such as flooding, labour shortages and strikes at container terminals, are playing havoc with our ability to respond quickly to some warranty claims.  Parts may take longer to arrive than we are used to. Whilst we apologise for this, it's something we cannot control, and we thank you for your understanding of these temporary delays.


Warranty Contacts for Fitness Brands in Australia:

If your item has arrived damaged, or developed a fault during the warranty period, rest easy. If it's happening to you, it's happened to us before and we know how to fix it! Please contact the help-line below, or log a job on the relevant website, and we'll ask a technician to contact you ASAP to resolve it as quickly as possible.

These contact numbers can also be useful for "how to" questions if you can't work out how something works.

Boyles (York, Sole) Visit www.bfe.com.au or phone (07) 3185 4040
GPI (BodyWorx, Marcy, Spirit):  1800 005770...or lodge a warranty claim https://service.gpi.com.au/supportrequest.php
Johnson (Horizon, Tempo) 1300 760 601 or log a job at https://www.jhta.com.au/consumer-support