Weight Loss - Cardio Fitness Equipment

There's no break-through here. Losing weight is about diet and exercise.

And the exercise component is about raising your heart-rate to the optimum level, and keeping it there for a sustained period to maximise "calorie burning".

exercise equipment to lose weight

The best equipment for achieving this is called "cardio equipment" because its aim is to work your heart.

Indeed, we'd encourage you to consider machines that have "heart-rate control" functions (click to find out more).

Cardio Equipment is best for weight control.

Here's a range of cardio equipment, and a brief synopsis as to the "core competency" of each type.

 Treadmills to lose weight

Treadmills (aka running machines, or walking machines).

positivesNatural motion (ie. we all feel "normal" using these).

positivesEasy to get heart-rate up to optimal level.

positivesProven weight-loss method time and time again.

negativesHarder on joints (so choose one with good cushioning).

negativesNoisy (esp. thumping of feet on the deck)

 Exercise Bikes to lose weight

 Exercise Bikes

positivesNatural motion (ie. we all feel "normal" using these).

positivesEasy on joints.

positivesCan easily read a tablet or magazine while you exercise.

positivesCompact and easy to move.

negativesGreat for increasing the heart rate, but limits workout to the legs and glutes.

 Elliptical Cross Trainers

 Elliptical Trainers

positivesWhole-of-body workout (all muscle groups engaged).

positivesCan rest arms while continuing legs during workout.

positivesEasy on joints.

negatives"Strange" motion which takes a little getting used to.

 Rowing machines for cardio

Rowing Machines

positivesWhole-of-body workout.

positivesEasy on joints.

positivesGreat for strengthening abdominal muscles.

negativesAir-based rowers can be a little noisy.

negativesTies up hands the whole time.


Weight Loss Equipment - Video Guide

Check out our video below, which is a comparison of the different types of cardio equipment in our store...