Fitness Equipment Assembly

We sell many large items here at fitonline, and customers often ask us about assembly and installation.


Do We Assemble for You?

All items come to you delivered by a courier (such as Toll IPEC) in the original boxes, unopened by us.

We do not have our own delivery fleet, and the courier can't assemble or install for you, sorry.

We can arrange assembly in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne - click for more details.


How difficult is Assembly?

The factories have worked hard to make most equipment well-designed, and as easy as possible for consumers to put together themselves at home.

Difficulty of assembly varies, and can be broken into 3 categories;

Easy-Assemble Treadmill Elliptical Assembly Gym Parts List


  1. Easy assembly: Many treadmills these days come with "easy assembly". As pictured above, this means you just open the box, tilt the arms up, and lock a couple of bolts into place. There is no expertise needed and it can be done in a matter of minutes.
  2. Standard assembly: Most other items like exercise bikes, rowing machines, benches, and elliptical trainers, come with all the small parts put together (cogs, belts, wheels, etc.). The hard/complex work is already done, however, in order to fit the machine into a streamlined box at the factory, they need to break it down into a few large pieces, such as in the middle photo above. These large items simply need to be plugged into each other, and tightened up.
    Simple tools are normally provided in the box.
  3. Lengthy assembly: Items like home gyms, however, are time-consuming. A bit like that cupboard from IKEA, you'll need to allow a couple of hours and use a healthy dose of logic when working out which bar attaches to which other bar, and which cable passes through where.

None of these types of equipment is physically taxing to assemble. Anyone can do it, and you don't need any special skills.

We generally find that items take no more than half an hour to assemble, apart from home gyms.


Still really want someone else to assemble?

If it all seems too complex, or you simply don’t want to attempt it, we know that a few of our past customers have looked up general handy-men in the local newspaper or business directory, and they will usually come out to your house, drag the item to the room you want it in (including up stairs, etc.) and then put it together for you for about $90.

Alternatively, Google "gym assembly Sydney" (or wherever you live) and many listings will come up for people in your local area who will come out and assemble it for you for a fixed fee.



If you do attempt it, and have problems along the way, remember that we only source from big Australian brands which have help-desks, so don’t hesitate to contact them directly if you get stuck.

Find supplier contact numbers here.