Sole Fitness Australia Release Update

FitOnline is one of only a hand-full of official Australian retailers for top-end brand, Sole Fitness.

Since Sole is based in the USA, there has been some confusion lately as to the models available in Australia, so we wanted to update our customers on this.

Sole updates the technology in their range only every few years. The model number remains the same (eg. "Sole E35") but the release-date changes. This is the same sort of approach brands like BMW take (eg. the BMW X5 has been available since 1999, but they update the "generation" every few years).

The last Sole update was done in 2013, so in fact, any Sole product available in Australia since 2013 has been identical. It doesn't matter whether the advertising calls it the "Sole E35 2013", "Sole E35 2015", or "Sole E35 2016", it is the same item.

FitOnline only has stock of the very latest Sole product, and your order will be for the current (2016) product, irrespective of what the description says.

Why is there Confusion then?

Sole USA has just released the 2017 update to many of their models, however this is exclusive to America. In some literature they call this "2016/2017" but in-house this is known as the 2017 model.

Sole will not release this to the rest of the world, including Australia, until late 2016 or even early 2017 for some models.

2017 models which you may find in a Google Search are simply not available in Australia. There is no stock in Australia at all, in any retailer or in the Sole warehouse in Australia, and won't be until the end of 2016, and rest assured, FitOnline will be amongst the first retailer to have these new models available.

So when you ask "is this the latest model", the answer "yes it is" refers to the current Australian model. Unfortunately, if there is something about the new 2017 generation which you like, you will have to wait for its release here in around 6 months.

We hope that helps you understand Sole Fitness Australia release and model information.

16th May 2016 Fitness Manager

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