Where's my Serial Number? For Fitness Equipment

All warranty requests for fitness equipment will require you to supply the serial number from your machine.

We often get asked why, and where is it?


Fitness equipment, like exercise bikes, treadmills and rowing machines, are made in batches. Sometimes, not all batches are identical. The manufacturer may change suppliers for a button, or a wheel or cog. Therefore, while you may think all XYZ Treadmills are the same, they may be slightly different.

The serial number will tell us exactly which machine you have, and which batch it came from. Then, if we need to supply a spare part, we know we're sending the right one!

Where is it?

Sometimes it can be hard to find. Often, it will just have the letters "SN" before it, or "S/N".

It's commonly down near the ground, and near where the power plugs in.

Here are a couple of photos; The left photo is a treadmill, and the right photo an exercise bike.

Fitness Equipment Serial Number Finder

These could just as easily be photos of an elliptical trainer or rowing machine. In any event, this gives you an idea where to look, and what it will look like...

Hope it helps!

23rd Jan 2016 The Fitness Equipment Manager

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