Delivery Cost

Most orders at fitonline will incur a shipping charge. Items like treadmills and gyms are large and heavy, so whilst we have excellent rates with freight companies, these large items still cost a fair bit to move around Australia.

To get a freight estimate before you order, follow these 3 simple steps (or watch the 30-second video)...

  1. add the items to your cart,
  2. click "view cart",
  3. click the button that looks like this --->
Shipping Cost Calculator Button

There is no need to proceed through "check-out"...You can get this estimate without giving us any personal details. (If still confused, see our video below for more details on how to calculate shipping cost).

FYI, we subsidise shipping in order to make our products more widely accessible, hence our reputation for low shipping costs on fitness equipment Australia-wide. The actual shipping cost is often more than what we charge you!

A Couple of Caveats

There are a small number of distant regional areas (eg. regional WA, offshore islands, and Cape York) where the system-quoted rate may need to be increased. Couriers usually refer to these as "remote area surcharges". We’ll let you know if this applies to you, and you'll have the option of cancelling the order. Sadly, our online system has no way of letting you know this at the time of placing your order, and we apologise for this.

Also, if you see a "free delivery" offer on our website, please see our free delivery conditions.


More Detailed Instructions on Calculating Shipping Cost