Finance and Payment Options

We do not offer "interest free" deals or pay-by-the-month options for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, these deals are not "free"!

In order to pay for the finance, the retailer has to load up the price, so in effect, you are paying for the "interest free" by paying more for products in the first place.

At FitOnline, we have low internet prices on all our products, and have a Lowest Price Guarantee, so there simply isn't the "margin" built in to allow for this finance.

Secondly, we have concerns about the long-term costs of these schemes. There are plenty of fees and charges in the fine print (see cartoon on the right)!

treadmill finance options

Here are our Payment OptionsWe do offer the option to "layby" equipment if you want to save up for a costly item but not pay all those finance charges.

Buy it from us, and you'll pay less now, and less in the long term too!


Cartoon thanks to inkcinct