Where Can I See It Set Up?


We often get asked "where can I try out this item in a showroom?".

Firstly, FitOnline is our online store, and whilst your purchase is backed by our retail outlets in Northern NSW, we don't have showrooms elsewhere in the country (eg. in Capital Cities). Our warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne only have boxed stock, so for the majority of Australians, you won't be able to come to our stores to see the item set up.

It's also difficult to say which other retailers near you might have items set up. Many shops are "stockists", but don't have assembled stock to try out. This is especially true at present - there is such a shortage of stock across Australia, that there are very few stores with items set up to view.

But this is why we have gone to such lengths to photograph, describe, and in some cases video, our products. We know these items well, so can answer your questions and help you overcome any concerns about buying fitness equipment without testing it out.

Of course, the brands we stock are national brands which are sold throughout Australia, so you may find the item set up somewhere near you. Unfortunately though, we don’t know where! Only the manufacturer knows which stores have bought the item, and even they don’t know whether a store has assembled one (most retailers only set up about a quarter of their range, given space restrictions).

This means you could spend hours, even days, driving or ringing around your local area, only to find retailers have not set that item up, or have just sold it off the floor by the time you get there!

Our advice to customers is, "seeing cardio equipment set up is not so critical". As long as you buy a big, reliable brand like York Fitness or Bodyworx, you're assured of getting something that's solid, well designed, and functional.

Indeed, just as big car and television companies copy each other's designs and inventions, equipment from big fitness brands are all very similar, so your choice will more be driven by selecting the mix of features that’s best for you than by seeing which one feels the best.

Most customers who ask to see an item set up are actually wanting to talk to someone about the item, and get some advice. So please don't forget we have a 1800 number available 7 days-a-week to answer your questions, a live chat (see bottom right), buyer’s guides and product videos, which will help you overcome any concerns you may have had about not trying it out first.

And don’t forget our money-back guarantee. It means you can try it out, and return it for a refund if you don’t like it.

Save yourself time, money, and frustration. Buy online, and trust our trained staff and online videos to guide you!