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Boxing Gloves & Mitts

Boxing gloves and punch mitts for sale online

Below you will find a broad range of mitts and gloves. As a heads-up;

A "Punch mitt" is a mitt designed for hitting an object (eg. bag, or focus mitt) not a person.

Usually these have "bent knuckles", but can also be straight mitts.

The benefits of a bent-knuckle glove (yes, I know we call them mitts, but for some reason the phrase is "bent knuckle glove") are;

  • easier on the forearm muscles not to have to forcibly bend the gloves whilst being worn (since the natural pose for your hand is bent into a fist)
  • the foam padding is naturally that shape, not bent out of shape (thus disfiguring the padding, leading to suboptimal cushioning and higher wear)

Mitts are quoted in standard sizes like "small" and "large".

A "Boxing Glove" is one designed and manufactured for sparring (ie. punching into another person for fitness and/or fight training).

It's normally quoted in ounces (eg. 10oz glove, or 16oz glove), and this relates to the weight (amount) of padding in the glove. Obviously a 16oz glove is going to be bigger and bulkier, but provide more cushioning, than a 10oz glove.

Whilst boxing gloves are designed for sparring (and are hence a little more expensive), in reality we sell far more to people wanting the superior padding for use on a punch bag or in general fitness work. The most popular sizes are 10oz and 12oz.

Feel free to narrow the range by using our "shop by price" box on the right.

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